10 Ways to make your home more lovely

1. Introduce many textures, like fabric (wool), flowers, wood and paper for an overdose of eye candy and a great soft look.

2. Use Pattern in your favor, as well as texture, with brighter pops of color to break up different patterns, varying them throughout your house.

3 . Using pattern again, instead of many patterns, pick one big and bold pattern and use it as the focal point for your neutral walls, and introduce small bits of color throughout the rest.

4. Use your winter break, or atleast that lull where you really want to bake cookies to organize your office! Having a clean and organized home will help everything else fall together and make it easier to work!

5. Use vintage patterns to add a fun flair to white washed chairs and furniture, and pure white walls.

6. Christmas aint over yet! I am completely in love with the idea of using twinkle lights all over your house, all year round. It makes the home cozy, warm and combined with a shag rug and some furry pillows and a fireplace, some cocoa and cookies….Heaven.

7. I’m all about tin and mercury glass right now, or just the idea of spending my saturday or day off mornings just waking up slow with a cup of coffee, living etc or any other shelter magazine, catching up on my blog loves and enjoying the sunshine, before spending the morning blogging and reading a good book…..

8. Candles. There is nothing like the power of firelight to make a room have a little more romance, a little more cozy and beautiful. I have probably hundreds hiding all over my apartment. Useful for power outages AND aesthetics. YES! :)

9. Orange & Gray, is hot. So is yellow and gunmetal gray. I’m loving this fabulous room and the neutrals (gray and white) intermixed with a great patterned rug and a bunch of bright orange pillows. Orange and yellow (not combined in the same room) are great ways to add color and get ready for Spring without feeling like it has attacked you. That way you can still enjoy the 3 feet of snow outside on your car, like me.

10. Using a changing screen as a super hot headboard. I’m all about this, it makes the room appear taller, adds a fantastic bit of color to the room- The blue is so unexpected, eh? Looks effortless, Parisian and chic. I’d love to do this in a Black and White room…..the wheels are turning in my head now…

6 thoughts on “10 Ways to make your home more lovely

  1. I’m very much loving the art studio picture. In the next few years, I’m going to get to design my little illustration studio, and hopefully it’ll look something like that! Oh and I agree about the twinkly lights all year, they add such good atmosphere :)

  2. I love the idea of 10 quick tips with pics to boot….very refreshing and helpful during a long winter season to come up with some ideas to keep the sparkle in our homes after the holiday season is over. I also love the crispness of your blog – the orange, the teal outline and the quality of photos – great job and you are well on your way. Kudos! stop by my blog sometime, although I am an experienced interior designer, I consider myself a novice in the blogging world …..best, tamara

  3. Hi!! I drifted over here from House of Turquoise :) Looks like I am going to be spending some time on your site today….LOVELY! Also, Meagan beat me too it…..I was going to ask where the black and white bedspread is from. I am on a bedding hunt right now.

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