{Trend-spotting} DIY Silhouette Round Up

This fall, between blogs and shelter magazines, online glossies and twitter streams, all I’ve seen a trend growing amongst the (DIY) masses. Silhouettes are a great easy and fun project for the cold, rainy and blistery snowy days ahead of us…(if you’re in upstate ny, like me. If you’re in florida, do it outside, and please, try not to feel my jealousy from all the way up near Lake Ontario). Anyhoo. I’ve rounded up a fab list of DIY procedures, so feel free to pick one, browse the gallery below of examples, or head over to your local Michael’s for some scrapbooking paper and Tar-jay (that’s target for the non-glitterati) for cheap picture frames. (I snatch them on clearance after holidays and stock up. You can usually find them for $1.50 instead of $5.00, which is cheap within itself. I guess I just can’t resist a sale, clearance tag or a good deal! (Coupon queen…)

Here’s some link love:
1.Young House Love has a fabulous DIY Silhouette of their daughter, Clara (adorable, by the way!) and I love the way they took their idea of taking a picture of her behind fabric every week and brought it full circle in her room to use behind the silhouette. This DIY decor idea can be used in any type of design, whether it’s french victorian, shabby chic, modern, mcm, or pottery barn chic. (Image from website also used in gallery below)
2. Design Sponge again takes that DIY decor frame up a notch with the custom scrapbooking background just like YHL, and I’m loving the strawberry pink color against the white frame. However, if it was me I would suggest doing the silhouette in white instead of black, or even a chartreuse or lavender. Something a little more shocking. What would you do?
3. Making It Lovely’s Nicole takes her daughter, Eleanor’s silhouette for her birthday invitations and even uses a machine to make these DIY car transparencies to stick on, totally chic bumper stickers. Check ’em out! (Car image and mustard lamp image in gallery below from Making It Lovely)
4. And for a really, really easy version? check out Apartment Therapy’s tutorial.

Some great DIY art ideas, invitation ideas, maybe even some wedding favor ideas? I can feel the letterpress wheels turning…..

Still need inspiration? Check out the gallery below!

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